Program Notes for Left Out December 7, 2004

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Dow Chemical and the Bhopal Catastrophe

It seemed too good to be true. A Dow spokesman named Jude Finisterra went on BBC Television and said that Dow was taking full responsibility for the accident that happened 20 years ago (almost to the day). Dow was taking full responsibility for the accident, was to donate $12B for a victim's fund, clean up the site.

Let's listen to the interview on BBC.

Alas, it was too good to be true. The whole thing was a brilliant hoax. Jude Finisterra does not exist. Dow was not taking responsibility or creating a victim's fund. This prank was carried out by a group called the "Yes Men". See this Democracy Now page page for more details.

Social Security

Social security is not broken. It's an example of a government program that is working. Paul Krugman explains all of this in a column in today's NYTimes.

Musical Interlude

We played movement II of Quartet number 4 by David Temperley. Here's a link to the MP3 recording of the entire quartet, and the score

Problems in Ohio

There were a litany of problems in the Ohio election. We'll talk on the phone with Bob Fitrakis and Terri Taylor to get an update on what happened on election day, and what's been happening since.

Fitrakis is the Editor of The Free Press, and has authored a number of books, including his latest George W. Bush vs The SuperPower of Peace -- How a failed Texas oilman hijacked American democracy and terrorized the world. Fitrakis lives in Columbus Ohio.

Terri Taylor is a Pittsburgh-based freelance reporter and filmmaker. We had her on this program on February 17th to discuss longwall mining, and its effects on communities and the environment. Since the election she's been spending full time documenting what has been happening in Ohio.

Terri mentioned that there will be a public hearing about problems with the election here in Allegheny county on December 15th at 7pm in City Council chambers.


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