Bush administration puts ideology ahead of reality

Letters to the editor: 5/16/04
Sunday, May 16, 2004
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It was a brief but welcome change of pace to see George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld show a bit of contrition in response to the Iraq prison abuse story ("Iraq Scandal Leaves White House Reeling," May 9) but then it seemed like the White House was back to business as usual. On May 10, Cheney said that Rumsfeld was "doing a superb job" as secretary of defense.

It's a catastrophic flaw of this administration that it always puts ideology ahead of reality: Even though his massive tax cuts for the rich create a massive national debt, Bush proceeds with more of the same. Even though it is al-Qaida that attacks the United States, not Iraq, Bush diverts forces from Afghanistan and bombs Iraq.

Even though the generals tell him that a small force can't secure Iraq, Rumsfeld proceeds with a small force. Even though a Palestinian state is a top issue to Muslims everywhere, Bush throws salt in the wound by backing Ariel Sharon. Even though Rumsfeld and Cheney sold war with Iraq using lies about weapons of mass destruction, and brought our country's international reputation to its lowest point in many decades, Bush keeps them on!

What does this say about Bush?


Daniel Sleator
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