Program Notes for Left Out May 3, 2005

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For today's show we played the speech by Al Gore (listen below) and followed it by a short discussion, which you can listen to here:

Our discussion after Gore's speech: (Streaming, Download)

Al Gore: "An American Heresy"

Last week Al Gore gave a blistering speech about the Republican attacks on the judiciary that clearly summarizes the threat posed by the right wing on the very foundations of our government.

Intro and Thanks (1 minute)
The Speech (44 minutes)

A transcript of the speech is available from Salon.

Tony Blair Is A Liar

The support of the British government for the American-led attack on Iraq was instrumental in giving legitimacy to Bush's war on Iraq. Parliamentary elections are to be held in Britain on May 5. Two important documents have been leaked to the British press revealing that

-- The British attorney general Lord Goldsmith advised Tony Blair on March 7, 2003 that the impending attack on Iraq could be illegal. This contrasts with their public statements unequivocally affirming otherwise.

-- Tony Blair conspired with George Bush to depose Saddam Hussein in July, 2002. The "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." See Ray McGovern's excellent article about this from

Just as Michael Moore and many others said at the time, our fictional president was taking us to war for fictional reasons. This attack never had anything whatsoever to do with WMD's or Iraqi freedom.


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