Left Out Program Notes for November 13, 2007

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Cindy Sheehan will be here to accept the Thomas Merton award! The 2007 award dinner will be on Thursday, November 15th at the ballroom of the Station Square Sharton. 6pm Social Hour 7:20pm Dinner. See this link at www.thomasmertoncenter.org more information, or call 412-361-3022.

UPDATE: Sheehan could not make it. Retired Army Colonel Ann Wright will be speaking instead.


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John C. Bogle

John C. Bogle is the founder and former CEO of The Vanguard Group. His latest book is "Battle for the Soul of Capitalism". Although Bogle comes from the business world, he takes a very critical look at the upper eschelons of management and high finance.

We'll talk to Jack Bogle about issues he raised in his book and in a recent interview with Bill Moyers [transcript, mp3, podcast].

The financial economy, which is the way you package all these ways of financing corporations, more and more complex, more and more expensive. The financial sector of our economy is the largest profit- making sector in America. Our financial services companies make more money than our companies energy no mean profitable business in this day and age. Plus, our healthcare companies. They make almost twice as much as our technology companies, twice as much as our manufacturing companies. We've become a financial economy which has overwhelmed the productive economy to the detriment of investors and the detriment ultimately of our society.

Mukasey and the Democrats

So we have a new Attorney General. And he's totally comfortable with Bush's power grab, the unitary executive, waterboarding, wiretapping, and with the suspension of habeas corpus.

And we have Democrats Schumer and Feinstein to thank. Schumer went through a whole series of contortions to justify his vote: "we can't allow a recess appointment", "We can't allow Bush to keep the interim apointee", "we need a strong leader to rebuild the damaged justice department". Etc.

This is just one in a whole series of pro-Bush Feinstein votes. link link


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