Left Out Program Notes for October 17, 2006

Welcome to Left Out, reality-based independent radio broadcasting on WRCT 88.3FM and podcasting on the worldwide web at leftout.info. Left Out discusses the news from a perspective left out of the mainstream media. Left Out is co-hosted by Bob Harper and Danny Sleator. Today's program is produced by Matt Hornyak. Listeners are invited to call the program at (412) 268-WRCT (9728), or to send email to bob@leftout.info.


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Angela Y. Davis, winner of the 2006 Thomas Merton Award. She'll be honored on November 10, 6pm at Sheraton Station Square. More information at www.thomasmertoncenter.org.

New to WRCT: Law and Disorder is now broadcast at 9am on Mondays after Democracy Now. This is a program about how our rights are being eroded featuring four prominent civil rights lawyers.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now visited last Saturday. She spoke to a standing room only crowd at CMU. Her speech will be played in full on WRCT on "TBA" next Thursday, October 26th at 7pm.

Counter Recruitment Activism in Pittsburgh

We'll speak briefly with Jon Webb, who is working with the Pittsburgh-area group for conscientious objectors and supporters www.consciencepgh.org. They're working on a resolution to be accepted by the Pittsburgh School Board limiting access of military recruiters to high school students.

Guest: Christian Weller

Dr. Christian Weller is a Senior Economist at the Center for American Progress. His expertise is in the area of retirement income security, macro economics, and international finance. He recently authored a study entitled Rewarding Hard Work -- Give Pennsylvania Families A Shot at Middle Class Retirement Benefits.

We'll discuss the report, and get his observations on where the economy is going and what should be done about it.

Bumfight the root cause of attacks on the homeless?

60 Minutes did a piece on October 1 on the rash of attacks by kids on homeless people. Many people have died in these attacks over the last few years. 'Bumfight' Videos Inspired Joy-Killing The thrust of the story is that the popular video series "Bumfight" has been a factor in motivating these attacks. This is certainly true -- and the kids in the piece testify to this. But there's something deeper going on that 60 Minutes just ignores.

Our society does not give a damn about homeless people. Their very existance testifies to this fact. How can you argue with that? If those in power cared, they'd do something to help these people. This is obvious to these kids. The infer that society doesn't care about these people -- in fact treats them as animals -- so why shouldn't they too treat them as animals for their amusement?


Check out this site for up-to-date information on the election. As of this writing, the count is 50-49-1 (Democratic, Republican, Tie) for the Senate, and 226-205-4 in the House.


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