Left Out Program Notes for September 5, 2006

Welcome to Left Out, reality-based independent radio broadcasting on WRCT 88.3FM and podcasting on the worldwide web at leftout.info. Left Out discusses the news from a perspective left out of the mainstream media. Left Out is co-hosted by Bob Harper and Danny Sleator. Today's program is produced by Matt Hornyak. Listeners are invited to call the program at (412) 268-WRCT (9728), or to send email to bob@leftout.info.


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Interview with Ron Suskind

I'll play this excerpt from the September 9th Ring of Fire radio program. (This is an excellent weekly show, on Air America radio is available for download or podcast at www.ringoffireradio.com.) Here Robert F. Kennedy is interviewing Ron Suskind, about his new book One Percent Doctrine: Deep Inside America's Pursuit of Its Enemies Since 9/11. Important points that come out in this excerpt:

Bush Caught Lying by the MSM

I'll play this excerpt from Rachel Maddow's Air America radio show from Friday September 8th. Here she discusses Bush's speech of September 6th when he admitted that the CIA had secret torture prisions, and defended their usefulnesses. Bush told a number of lies in that speech.

These and others were also laid bare in this September 8th NY Times article by Matt Mazetti.

Guest: Mike Parker of GASP

Mike Parker joints us in the studio. He's the Policy & Outreach Coordinator of the Group Against Smog and Polution (GASP). Their web site is www.gasp-pgh.org.

We'll talk about a number of issues.


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