Program Notes for Left Out (July 13, 2004)

Welcome to Left Out on WRCT 88.3FM. Left Out presents news and opinions from a perspective left out of the mainstream media. Left Out is co-hosted by Robert Harper and Danny Sleator. Guy Blelloch is substituting today for Robert, who is out of town. Today's program is produced by Bojangles Bobby Sira. Listeners are welcome to call us at 412 621-WRCT (9728) or 412 268-WRCT (9728).


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Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now (that you hear on WRCT 88.3 each weekday morning at 8am) is coming to Pittsburgh on Friday, July 16th. This is part of her 70-city "Exception to the Rulers" tour to promote her new book, and to support stations that carry Democracy Now! So far she's been greeted by huge enthusiastic crowds.

She'll be showing a video and giving a talk in McConomy Auditorium in CMU's University Center. The event starts at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door, or at See for full details, or call 412-322-7570.

Guest: Representative Jane Harmon (D-CA)

Jane Harmon is a Democratic house member from Southern California. She's here to talk about the recently released senate intelligence report [full report, conclusions]. In her press release Rep. Harmon applauds the report, but concludes that it "is incomplete in that it omits analysis of how intelligence was used by Bush Administration officials to justify the war in Iraq."

Possible additional questions/topics to discuss

Guest: Jules Lobel

Jules Lobel is a law professor at Pitt, and a vice president of the Center for Constitutional Rights . From the web site:
The Supreme Court issued a historic ruling on Monday, June 28th, finding that the hundreds of men detained as "enemy combatants" in Guantanamo Bay can challenge their detention in federal courts. more...
Professor Lobel gave a talk at the University of Pittsburgh on July 7th. You can listen to the mp3 files here: We'll have a conversation with Professor Lobel about Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, the Steve Kurtz case and other issues.

New Movie: Outfoxed

Robert Greenwald has released a new film exposing Fox News for what it really is. Here's the blurb about it in an email from

"Outfoxed" was co-sponsored by the Center for American Progress and MoveOn. The film features former Fox News producers, reporters, bookers, and writers talking for the first time about how they were pressured to push each day's partisan message. Through leaked memos and never-before-seen Fox clips, "Outfoxed" makes a powerful and disturbing case not only about Fox, but about the state of American journalism.

Fox News makes no real distinction between its opinion shows and its news coverage -- partisan politics infuse all of Fox's programming. The media watch group FAIR just released a study of Fox's flagship evening news program, finding Republican guests outnumber Democrats by 5 to 1. Having an opinion is one thing. Insisting your partisan politicking is "fair and balanced" journalism is quite another. Whether you agree with Fox's politics is beside the point -- citizens in a democracy depend on unbiased news reporting. is hosting local house parties to show the film on Sunday July 18th. For more information see their web site.

We Told you so Department

Well, the Army admits that the "spontainous" tearing down of the statue of Saddam -- which received massive favorable publicity in the US press -- was staged by the US army. Here's the article from the July 7 LA Times with a bit of the story. Well, those of us who were reading alternative news sources didn't have to wait a year and a half to figure this out. I (Danny Sleator) wrote this spam email containing this basic point right when the event happened.


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