Program Notes for Left Out (June 15, 2004)

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The Pittsburgh Palisades Project (Hays Hill)

The Pittsburgh City Council has approved a massive strip-mining operation inside the city in a place called Hays Hill. On the flattened hilltop a horse racetrack will be built, equipped with slot machines. There are a number of huge problems associated with this project, as outlined in this article from Penn Future ( Our guest today to discuss this is Alexander Denmarsh. He's a professional photographer, and environmental activist.

The Real Reagan Presidency

Greg Palast summarizes a few salient points about the real Ronald Reagan, perhaps the worst President until George W. Bush made even him look competent. Here's a audio discussion on FAIR's counterspin of Reagan's legacy with Robert Parry, and Jill Nelson. (We'll air some excerpts.) Parry is famous for exposing the Iran-Contra affair. Read his "Rating Reagan: A Bogus Legacy" from

What's The Matter With Kansas?

Thomas Frank, founding editor of The Baffler, has written an interesting new book called What's The Matter With Kansas? offering an analysis of "how conservatives won the heart of America". It's a fascinating, witty, and exceptionally well-written analysis of contemporary American politics seen through the lens of the Kansas politcal scene over the last couple of decades.

A Temporary Coup?

The consequences of the neocon attacks on the CIA are rapidly becoming apparent. A recent article on Salon entitled A Temporary Coup offers an interesting analysis of Tenet's resignation and the raid on Chalabi's house as a CIA response to the outing of Valerie Plame and the undermining of the U.S. intelligence apparatus.


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