Program Notes for Left Out (June 29, 2004)

Welcome to Left Out on WRCT 88.3FM. Left Out presents news and opinions from a perspective left out of the mainstream media. Left Out is co-hosted by Robert Harper and Danny Sleator. Today's program is produced by Bojangles Bobby Sira. Listeners are welcome to call us at 412 621-WRCT (9728) or 412 268-WRCT (9728), or to send email to


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Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now (that you hear on WRCT 88.3 each weekday morning at 8am) is coming to Pittsburgh on Friday, July 16th. This is part of her 70-city "Exception to the Rulers" tour to promote her new book, and to support stations that carry Democracy Now! So far she's been greeted by huge enthusiastic crowds.

She'll be showing a video and giving a talk in McConomy Auditorium in CMU's University Center. The event starts at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door, or at See for full details, or call 412-322-7570.

Michael Moore: Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore's new movie Fahrenheit 9/11 opened this weekend to record-breaking audiences around the country, easily beating the two main Hollywood openings that appeared on three times as many screens. All around the country audiences crowded cinemas anxiously waiting a chance to see the film. Here in Pittsburgh the Manor Theater in Squirrel Hill was a mob scene on Friday, where the film showed on two screens, continuously from noon to midnight. The film does a superb job of smearing George W. Bush as a nincompoop in well over his head as the selected, not elected, President. But will it reach the crucial swing voters, or merely bolster those who already oppose Bush?

Guest: Congressman Joe Hoeffel

Congressman Joe Hoeffel (sounds like "shuffle") from the 13th Congressional District in eastern Pennsylvania is the Democratic candidate for for Senate opposing Republican Senator Arlen Specter. Hoeffel is little-known in western Pennsylvania; his appearance on Left Out is an opportunity for our listeners to learn more about his positions and plans.

Al Gore: Our Founders and the Unbalance of Power

Al Gore continues his series of brilliant speeches against the policies of the Bush Administration (four years too late). His most recent, Our Founders and the Unbalance of Power delivered at Georgetown University Law Center, addresses the concentration of power in the executive branch that threatens our government.

Another 5600 Troops for the Independent Iraq

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pronounces that the "U.S. occupation [of Iraq] ends early", yet the Department of Defense announced today that it is calling up an additional 5600 troops for deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Bush supports the idea of imposing martial law in Iraq. Ah, the taste of freedom is sweet!

City Council Approves Act 47 Board Recommendations

The Pittsburgh City Council today approved the recommendations of the Act 47 Board to help control the city's budget crisis. These recommendations include cuts to the city payroll, a possible increases in the occupation tax, and a possible new payroll tax.


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